Private Sessions in Ewell

Private one to one sessions take place at The Pilates Studio in east Ewell. Book by appointment

Individual 55 minute session: £65

Block of 10 sessions: £600 payable in advance

In a private session, you will use classical Pilates apparatus with the guidance and support of Nadine André, a certified Romana’s Pilates instructor trained by Rebecca Convey at Kinetic Pilates, London, to first align the body and build a powerhouse (the core muscles around the spine and deep abdominals), then develop your strength and flexibility according to what your body needs.


The Pilates Studio in Ewell is equipped with classical Pilates apparatus built by the industry’s benchmark makers.

It houses an 80″ reformer, Cadillac, High Chair, Pedipole and Foot Corrector by Gratz, a Wunda chair built by Jeremy Armstrong at Purist Pilates, and a Spine Corrector and Arm Chair by Pilates Scandinavia.

Email or call Nadine on 07732058705 to book a session at a time that suits you.

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